Saturday, January 4, 2014


Inspiration can come from anywhere. Sometimes it's a picture or a another blogger's blog post. A lot of times I am inspired by Pinterest or blogs I follow on Facebook. We are made up of inspirations. You don't just wake up one day and say "I'm going to make my own pizza crust." Or say "I'm going to use baking soda for shampoo." We all make choices based on the inspirations all around us. 

It's nice when you realize that you are an inspiration to someone. I've had many great influences to guide me through parenthood. I've made my choices as a mom by watching family and friends. But now it seems someone has been watching me. My niece just found out she is pregnant and she calls me up to ask me questions about cloth diapering and breastfeeding. I love it! 

I am such an advocate for breastfeeding and cloth diapering that I tell even strangers, young mothers, and anyone with children all about the many benefits for her and her child. At the WIC office a young mother told me about her many mishaps in her early days. I encouraged her to try nursing again and she went to see the lactation consultant to see about building a supply again. Like I said "advocate". 

It just fills my heart with joy that not only is my niece growing up and is going to be a mommy, but that she wants to be an all natural mommy. I am so proud of the young woman she has become and embrace that I am an inspiration to her. I welcome her questions and cannot wait to help her and teach her with breastfeeding and cloth diapering. Oh, it is so rewarding. 

What inspires you? Or have you been an inspiration to someone else? I want to hear all about in the comments below. 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year End Review

The Augimeri family has had quite the year for 2013. We started the year in South Carolina, far away from Sourh Florida, our home, with our three boys and pregnant with our little girl. Here's a nutshell of the Augimeri Family's year 2013. 

Bobby made it through third grade. Travis cut open his finger on glass and was rushed to the ER for stitches. Bobby gained some freedom to play outside with less supervision and to explore the woods. Devin went to kindergarten and fell in love his kindergarten teacher��. 
I went back to school to start a new career in the health field. Hubby and I quit smoking. My grandmother passed away and is now in heaven. I drove to Texas and back with my mom which was unusual because she did all the driving in the past. I got to see family for a day and a half. 

Travis matured from older toddler to young man. I gave birth to Marlee in the bath tub with only my hubby and midwife present, oh and the boys were there too. I realized school was not a good idea with a newborn and Augi decided his job was not working for him. No income and our rental home going on the market brought us back to South Florida. Hubby and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary and our eighth anniversary. My director wanted me to come work for her as the school was being sold. Honored as I was, I accepted a position at my old school. Happy to be back with my second family even though a lot has changed. 

I've learned to say "no" and read between the lines. I have learned to ask and accept help from others. I have learned to ask questions when I don't understand and to shut my mouth about things that are not my business. I have learned that not everyone thinks like me and that people are who they are and there is no changing them. I have learned that there are many things that make me mad but I can't change. I change the things I can. 

I have learned a great deal about food and additives. Shoot, I have learned a lot about natural living and health overall. I don't think my family even had medicine at all this year. I learned how to make my own pizza crust from scratch and bake cookies and a whole load of foods from scratch. I made a cake from scratch,took me 8 hours and lost it to the floor board of the van. I have explored cooking in bulk; I can see how it's beneficial to but have not yet figured out the best method of storage yet. I have dwindled out most plastics and use more glass and stainless steel. I have learned that coconut oil is the best treatment for almost anything and tea tree oil is second best. I have learned that vinegar is your friend and harsh cleaners are dangerous. 

I have become a born again Christian and have accepted Christ into my heart once again. I enjoy going to church and taking the kids to church and reading my bible. I listen to the Christian station and love it. I have become a more confident mommy and a calmer more chill version of myself. I have learned to love life as it is and appreciate the blessings in my life. 

There were a lot of firsts this year. Marlee is the first baby born into this marriage. Marlee was a home water birth with no doctors. That's a first for me. She's also the first baby of ours not born in Florida. I was a stay at home mom for the first time ever and had mixed feelings about it. I am cloth diapering for the first time ever.  

2013 has been an up and down year for us with many blessings and some mishaps along the way. I can only hope that 2014 is a great year too. 

My aspirations for the new year are to get this family eating healthier, not just me for the sake of losing weight but everyone for the sake of health. I plan to incorporate more veggies and try new recipes. I plan on becoming a super strict mommy in the kitchen when it comes to mealtime. 

What are your aspirations for 2014, leave your comments below. 


Friday, December 6, 2013

My Son Yelled Out In Public That I Am The Worst Mom Ever

It's Friday night, I'm tired from a long week at work on top of being sick. So I decided to stop at Publix and grab one of those meal deals from the deli. Me and all four of my babies go into the grocery store. We grab our grub, some drinks, and just a few other things. The boys asked several times if they could have this or that, and I said no to almost everything they a asked for. 

In the checkout line, they asked me for some candy, and they know me; they know I'm going to say no, but they try anyway. So we check out and on our way out the door, they stop at the gumball machines and ask if I have a quarter. I did not and they were upset. More so Devin. He was so upset that he shouted out that I'm the worst mom ever right in front of the Salvation Army person collecting change and a few Publix employees. I did not care as much that they heard what he said, though I was a little embarrassed. I cared mostly that he he felt that way about me. His reasoning behind his comment is that I don't buy any bad foods. 

In that very moment I could have reacted many different ways, but I did not take his comment to heart because I knew he was upset about not getting junk. I knew he didn't mean it and I didn't let that get to me. I did however speak to him in a very quiet, calm voice about being disrespectful and how I do what I do because I care. 

So all in all, there are times that I feel like the worlds worst mother, but in the moment my son shouted out in front of strangers that I was the worst mom, it didn't rub me the wrong way. I guess when parenting, you gotta have a thick skin and not take stuff personal. 

Have you ever had your children shout at you in public? Please share in the comments below. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Change Is Good

My new, old childcare center has recently been sold. I worked at this school since I was pregnant with my second son, Devin. He will be six in January. I just started back a week ago and love it. I experienced South Carolina in my absence from working at my preschool. 

The school is going to be going through many changes, mostly technological. I will miss the cousin duo that brought me in six years ago and were in my life for the birth of two of my sons and my wedding to my husband. They have been so kind over the years, helped me in time of need, inspired me to work hard in school, and have accepted me for who I am. Through their own ups and down, they have decided to sell the preschool to a two man team from Canada. It will be so sad to not have those wonderful ladies at the preschool anymore. 

We had a meeting with the new owner tonight and it sounds like a lot of changes are underway. Mostly in the paperless department. I mean, we live in the age of technology and this new owner is all about the iPad. Each class will get an iPad to use for documentation and sharing with the parents. Everything will be emailed and there will be no more daily papers. Pictures will shared through secured social media sites. There will be an iPad library room where the children will play learning games, instead of using the old PCs. 

The new owner reassured us that changes will be progressive. Nothing is going to happen overnight. The first thing to transform will be the aesthetics of the school. New paint and a furniture upgrade. It has been needed for some time now. It will look great!

This is an exciting time for my second home. Many great things to come and new experiences to be had. I look forward to all these changes and who knows, maybe he will expand and open several other schools in this area to which I will also be a part of. Maybe be the director of one someday. 

Tell me your thoughts, have you ever been a part of change as a result of a new ownership if the company? Please share in the comments. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

First Day of My Old Job

So today was my first day of my old job. I love working with children and since I moved back to south Florida, the director of my old childcare center wanted me to come work for her. Of course, I accepted. My children can come with me at minimal charge and I know all of the teahers as they are my coworkers. It's a great place to be. 

Once, I didn't think so. I was tired of the same old everyday working with children, going home with children, and always with children. I became exhausted. I felt like I couldn't be me, as a grown up. I thought I wanted something else. I thought I would go to school to work in the medical field. Wrong! I could barely understand the concepts that I was supposed to learn. And I started at the ground level. It was very difficult for me to study and focus. God has a plan for all of us and sometimes we think we know it and them He comes along to remind you. He moved us back to Florida and my director wanted me to come work for her. I'm beginning to think that I am right where I belong. I did accomplish one thing while working with children, my A.S. degree in Early Childhood Education. I can probably only land a job in a childcare center with this degree, but that's ok. 

I have learned that acceptance is the very first step to change and I have accepted that I belong working with children. Maybe I wasn't meant to go somewhere else and maybe God has planned for me to come back. 

All in all, it has been a fun day. I'm working with the one year olds. Circle time was great, the babies were so into the songs and stories. It's a great bunch of kids. Love them already. I just know that I will catch a cold with all I these runny noses but gotta build immunity to it somehow. 

My director is great. She made sure that I was comfortable and felt right at home again. There's even some of the same teachers here as before which makes me comfortable. My children seem to be adjusting well too. My little guy Travis who is 4, was just fine until he saw me on the playground. Then he cried for me and wanted to go home. Bless his heart. Marlee (4 months) doesn't like her bottle. She has only had a bottle a few times. But other than that she is doing just fine. She loves playing on the floor and for the first time ever she went to sleep in the swing. 

I look forward to spending my days with all those little peanuts that I met today. They already have my heart. This short workweek is a great time to start a new routine and get used to actually being somewhere at a designated time. It's an adjustment for all of us, but it's good. 

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